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Cycle School FAQ

What is Cycle School?

Cycle School is a resource provided by Funk it Wellness to help YOU become a master about womens’ health. The platform will organize the learning we recommend into different learning topics, and it will guide you through curated podcasts, blog posts, and other resources that will help you learn about the selected topic. 

How do I start using Cycle School?

To get started all you need to do is make an account with us or log in, and head to the “Resources” tab on our website and select "Cycle School" to get enrolled. Once there, select the course you want to access first and get started!

Why should I use Cycle School?

Our goal at Funk it Wellness is to not only be your source for seed cycling, but, for education on women’s health issues. Through courses we believe that we can equip our users with the knowledge they need to end the period stigma, and lead a more knowledgeable lifestyle. 

How do I use Cycle School?

Cycle School is super easy to use! Just click on the “Resources” tab on our homepage and select “Cycle School”, select a course you want to get started with, and go through the curated resources relating to that topic. There will be a quick skills check at the end of each lesson, and once you pass it you will be able to check off that you are a funking master for that topic- whoo!

How do I delete a lesson from my Cycle School account?

A lesson cannot be deleted from your account

Will I get notified if a new lesson is added?

The Funk it Wellness team will send you an exciting announcement to your email once a new lesson is available to learn from!

How can I retake a lesson?

All the courses are available to take again, but you will not be able to receive another certificate of completion once you complete the course once. However, you can always go back to access the resources again!

I’m having issues with my account and/or courses- how do I get help?

If you’re having any trouble, feel free to send us a direct message by clicking on the “Chat with us” option on the Funk It website’s right hand column and we’ll get back to you asap!