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What is MaCa?

Maca is a potent adaptogen packed with antioxidants, renowned for its compacity to support energy and vitality. Funky Time helps you to feel less stress and summon your sexual energy and libido

Is Gelatinized Vegan?

Yes! All this means is we use a special process to remove the starch that can cause some unwanted tummy troubles and give you more of the super-food!

how should I eat it?

Our delicious maca powder has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor - graham cracker fairy dust. t goes perfectly in smoothies, oats, bliss balls, lattes, yogurt. basically, anything you can mix it in.

Rumor has it Funky Time is also your libido's best friend.

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Do you have painful Periods?

We also make PMS fighting Seed Cycling Kits.  

When you are on your period you're losing a lot of micronutrients. So it’s helpful to counteract that with nutrient-dense foods during your period 

(aka seed cycling).