Brand Partners will get a 15% code for your audience, and a 100% personal code for yourself! Our Brand Partners will have access to new products, exclusive emails, access to our events, merch, and more. 

Empowering menstruators is one of our core brand values. Our goal throughout our partnerships is to help educate a larger audience on the benefits of eating for your cycle, and how having your period can be a genuinely positive experience. 

Some content a Brand Partner might incorporate:

-Educating your followers on the topic and potential benefits of seed cycling/food based vitamins.

-Sharing your seed cycling journey

-Creating aesthetic videos/photos ex. recipes, vlogs, lifestyle

Why join our Brand Partners Program? 

-You will get a 15% code for your community to share the Funk It love

-100% personal code for yourself

-Access to Funk It Events 

-Access to FAQ zoom meetings with Kate, our founder

-Chances to try new products

-Access to exclusive Funk It merch

-15% commission for every sale you refer

-Dedicated Affiliate Team to help you succeed!

By partnering with us, we ask that you allow Funk It to repost and share content related to the partnership on our social media platforms.