100% of our profits this week will go to provide menstrual products to Texans in need!

Take back your funking hormones one tasty seed at a time!

Seed cycling means eating specific seeds throughout your cycle to support your optimal hormone health.

Dietitian Crafted - Bestie Approved

We are a women founded company that funking cares about you. 
Funk it was created so you could feel your best and kick ass no matter what day of the month.

What our customers are saying about us....

My period is so easy now and my PMS is so mild now 🥳 I am obsessed with seed cycling and tell everyone about it now!

Have definitely noticed a positive difference in my cycle since starting FunkIt. MY PMS is not as severe and my cycle is more regular. Amazing what 2 tablespoons of yummy seeds can do!

I bought a subscription in November because I was diagnosed with PCOS and I hadn’t had a period since January 2020. The amazing news is that I got my period for the first time today!
These seeds work !!

I have been using Funk It for 2 months and I just started my period and it was easy peezy. Just a little bit of cramps and my cycle was 28 days again after a few months of it only being 23 days!

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