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Are all of Funk It’s Products Vegan? 

All of our products are vegan except for the Collagen Cacao Maca Latte blend. When developing products we use the cleanest and most inclusive ingredients so that everyone can use them. All of the products are also produced in a gluten free factory!

Do the seeds come ground and blended?

Yes they do!  We spent lot's of time finding the best process to grind and blend our seeds to make sure your body could absorb access the nutrients within the seeds shell.  We small batch grind everything and ship it right to your door to lock in freshness!  We also pre- blend your seeds in the perfect amount so you can just eat, cycle and enjoy. 

What do I eat my seeds on?

You can eat your seeds with pretty much anything, avocado toast, yogurt, smoothies, salads, soups, toast or even by themselves! If you need some inspo check out our seed cycling recipes Pinterest Board.

How long does seed cycling take to work?

Seed cycling works different for every person.  Most people see results within their first cycle but for your total results (especially for cramps and hormonal acne) seed cycling takes 3 full cycles or roughly 90 days to feel the full effects. 

Do I eat them everyday?

For the best results we recommend take 2 tbs of your seed blend daily. When used consistently, seed cycling has been shown to decrease hormonal acne, support irregular cycles, fight bloating and fatigue, and support general PMS.  

How do I know when to switch seeds?

For the first ½ of your cycle (menstrual + follicular) use Nurture

Organic + Batch ground Flax + Pumpkin Seeds

For the second ½ of your cycle (Ovulatory + Luteal) use Radiate 

Organic + Batch ground Sesame + Sunflower Seeds

If your cycle has a freespirit (aka is irregular) you can seed cycle with the moon - check out this blog on Moon Cycling!

What if I miss a day?

If you forget to take your seeds every day, you are not alone! It happens to the best of us, just pick up where you left off!

Are the seeds organic? 

Our seeds are 100% Organic and made in small batches here in the United States by a female-owned manufacturer. Funk It seeds are research-backed, dietitian developed, women-owned, and period approved.

Can I seed cycle with an irregular cycle?

Yes if your cycle is less than 45 days you can use ovulation to know when to switch your seeds. If your cycle is more than 45 days you can use the moon to seeds cycle. New Moon - Full Moon = Nurture (pumpkin + flax blend) and Full Moon - New Moon = Radiate (sesame + sunflower blend)!

How long does the kit last & What is the serving size?

Each seed cycling kit has enough product for 1 month. The serving size is 2 tbsp of the blend that matches your cycle.