Seed Cycling with the MOON

For our ladies who's cycle has a free spirit!

There is a large number of women in the world who exist with unique periods, or possibly no period at all. I would like to firstly state that you in fact are valid, and kick ass. Secondly, there is so much more to a woman's menstrual cycle than just bleeding once a month, we are unicorns dang it!! That is exactly why Funk it was created to support ALL women and ALL women's hormones ~ in a natural and healthy way. So, if you are a lady interested in seed cycling but you don't have your bloody bestie visit every month please do stay tuned. 

A quick intro into why you are in fact a Moon Goddess:

The phases of the moon make a complete cycle about every 28 days, the average woman's menstrual cycle is also typically complete every 28(ish) days. Diving even deeper into the topic, it is said that if a woman's hormones are healthily balanced, they will eventually, at some point, line up with the moon phases. Therefore if you seed cycle in unison with the moon, you should still be able to help maintain a healthier hormone balance.

Days 1 - 14 ( New Moon to Full Moon )

  • Eat a mixture of pumpkin seeds and flax seeds (Nurture)
  • This is when you would be in the Follicular phase
  • The pumpkin and flax seeds help to regulate your estrogen levels by preventing excess estrogen production. Flaxseeds also contain ingredients called lignans, which bind to excess estrogen and can overall help maintain gut health. 
  • Pumpkin seeds are also high in zinc which helps support progesterone production as you move towards the progesterone rise in the second phase of your cycle. This time in your hormone cycle it is best to nurture your body and prepare for the next upcoming phase. 

Days 15 - 28 (Full Moon to New Moon)

  • Eat a mixture of sunflower seeds and sesame seeds (Radiate)
  • This would be when you are in the Luteal phase of your cycle
  • Sesame seeds are known for being high in zinc and selenium to help block your excess estrogen production, which is very helpful for hormone balance. Sunflower seeds are also high in vitamin E to support your progesterone levels. This is also typically the phase ovulation occurs in, so don't be afraid to let yourself radiate!

If you want to learn more details about seed cycling in general feel free to read that Here.

How do I keep up with the moon phases you ask? 

Easy peasy! One of the easier options would be to either download an app that you like or set a bi-weekly reminder so that you remember to swap your seeds over after 14 days.

A quick reminder that everyone is different so ALWAYS chat with your doctor about what is going on with your cycle