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Give the gift of hormone balance to yourself or someone you love with the Period Essentials Bundle!

This bundle includes our delicious, ready-to-eat Hormones Supporting CycleBites and a perfectly balanced Seed Cycling kit, to synchronize your nutrition with your cycle. Not only will you or your loved one experience fewer PMS symptoms, less painful periods, and minimized mood swings, but you will also be giving the gift of improved hormonal health. Give the gift of hormone balance and a better period today!

This Bundle Contains: 

1x Seed Cycling Monthly Supply 

1x Cyclebites Monthly Supply 

Learn more about Seed Cycling here  and CycleBites here! 

We are proudly women owned & made in the USA! (Ships from Austin, Texas).


So you are navigating the new phase of perimenopause and you are still working on managing your period + PMS?  We have the perfect bundle for you! 

This bundle includes our Revitalize Seeds, our seed blend that was specially designed to contain more flax and sesame seeds to support dryness, hot flashes and bloating and our ready to eat ginger + cocoa CycleBites which are packed with superfood indigents like Reishi mushroom, plant based Vitamin D and Ginger to support your period symtoms as well!


This Bundle Includes: 

1x Revitalize Monthly Supply 

1x Cycle Bites Monthly Supply  

Learn more about Revitalize and Cycle Bites! 


We are women owned & made in the USA! (Ships from Austin, Texas).


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