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1:1 Cycle Coaching (existing customers only)

1:1 Cycle Coaching (existing customers only)

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1:1 Menstrual Cycle Coaching

  • Enjoy a 30 -minute session with our menstrual cycle specialists.
  • Receive personalized guidance and answers to your specific questions.

    Coaching sessions include

    • Personalized Coaching: Work one-on-one with a specialized coach to understand your personal menstrual cycle.
    • Normal vs Common Symptoms: Learn to identify what is normal and common cyclical symptoms in your cycle vs. irregularities.
    • Phase Education: Gain knowledge about what to expect in each phase, removing mystery and fear.
    • Custom PDF Tracker: Receive a personalized PDF tracker for effective cycle tracking.
    • Body Signal Awareness: Learn to interpret and listen to the signals your body gives you throughout your cycle.
    • Empowerment and Understanding: Develop a deeper understanding of your cycle for better alignment with each phase. Feel more confident with 1:1 support for your hormone health practices, diet, and lifestyle.


    Note: we will email you with the booking link post purchase.