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Choosing the best cycle tracking app

Choosing the best cycle tracking app

Knowing where you are in your cycle is super useful information for many reasons: 

  1. Our energy level, ability to focus, emotions, immune system (and more) fluctuate throughout the month along with our hormones
  2. We are more fertile during specific days during our cycle, the “fertile window” so whether you’re trying to get pregnant or avoiding pregnancy, this is useful information to have 
  3. Figuring out which seeds to take when you’re seed cycling is so much easier when you know where you are in your cycle

Apps are the easiest way to track because you always have your phone handy to track symptoms, your temperature, and when you start your period. Plus, they can help you see when you’re predicted to ovulate which can be interesting but do not rely on the app’s predictions as birth control!

There are lots of cycle tracking apps out there, and here are a few of our favorites!

Flo - sleek interface and super easy to use. Provides educational tid bits along the way so you learn as you use the app. Uses AI to predict your period and fertile window, learning from past cycles. You can also track symptoms related to your cycle like mood, appetite, energy, etc. There is a free option or upgrade to $9.99/month for advanced features.

Kindara - for the health nerd who loves learning all about their cycle and tracking every detail, especially if you’re using the Fertility Awareness Method or Sympto-Thermal Method. Kindara also makes a connected thermometer that automatically uploads your temperature. The interface is simple to use and graphically shows how all of your symptoms interact throughout the month. Free and paid subscription options.

Natural Cycles - FDA approved non-hormonal birth control. You must use their connected thermometer and all plans are paid subscriptions starting at $9.99/month plus the $14 thermometer. There is not a free option. Natural Cycles has gone through the process of getting their app approved by the FDA and touts a 93% effectiveness rate with typical use.

Knowing more about your cycle and tracking it with advanced tools is definitely helpful for becoming more familiar with your symptoms throughout the month and even whether or not your cycle is regular. A word of caution about using a period tracking app as birth control (even if it’s FDA approved). Don’t do it! All the machine learning and AI in the world can’t crack the code 100% on your unique cycle. There’s no substitute for confirming your ovulation after it happened, so always be extra careful if you’re trying to avoid pregnancy - especially as you’re getting to know your cycle and the signs our bodies use to communicate with us.

Our advice for picking the best app? Try all three and see which one speaks to you!