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CycleScope: Full Moon Taurus+ Lunar Eclipse on 10/28/2023

A full moon in Taurus will light up the sky on the Saturday before Halloween, on Oct 28, 2023- how perfect, right? She will be accompanied by a lunar eclipse, which casts a shadow on the way we operate in our daily lives. 

The energy of the full moon mirrors the ovulation phase of our cycles..They are a time of increased energy, and you may also feel increased sex drive. With the moon in Taurus you may want to eat alllll the delicious foods, and Taurus energy will encourage you to go all out. Taurus loves to luxuriate in bed and take relaxing baths, so use this energy to rest your body. Be aware that full moons can make you (and those around you) feel moodier than usual.  Be attuned to what makes you feel sensitive,and take care of yourself. Give yourself a neck massage if you’re feeling stressed and drink some hot tea- it’s just what the doctor orderd.

While the new moon’s solar eclipse earlier this month (october 14) asked us to switch up the story of our lives- this time we are just being asked to look at the actual day-to-day reality that we live in…this looks a lot like daily rituals.

  • How are you taking care of yourself throughout the day? 
    • What does your morning routine look like?
    • How are you dealing with your feelings and self-talk throughout the day?
    • How do you approach your work day?
    • Are you eating nourishing foods?
    • What’s it like before bed? How do you wind down?

Full moons and eclipses signal that it’s time for change and in order for them to take place we have to be ready to release what no longer serves us. We have to let go of the habits, mindsets and relationships that take up space in our lives so we can make room for all of the things we manifested under the new moon. 

Taurus full moon’s are all about accepting changes, which is important because life is FULL of them. With the sun in Scorpio and the moon in Taurus, we are surrounded by fixed energy- meaning making way for those changes can feel tough and we may be stubborn about the things we aren't ready to deal with- but change is coming for us whether or not we feel ready.