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CycleScope - October Full Moon In Libra

Introducing CycleScopes your very own hormonally focused horoscope for each new moon & full moon! 

A new moon in Libra graces our sky on October 14, 2023 accompanied by a solar eclipse gearing us up for changes and the start of a new chapter in our lives. The new moon energy asks us to set intentions for the life we want to create for ourselves while the solar eclipse  demands we shed who we currently are to make space for what we could become. The new moon energy is much like the menstruation part of our cycle: we are letting go of the past to make room for the next phase of our journey.

Within the realm of the new moon, we are the architects of intentions, crafting the blueprint for the upcoming lunar cycle. The sky is dark, reminding us that even the Moon herself retreats to recharge. The new moon is an invitation for us to withdraw from the demands of the external world and reflect upon the past month. 

How do your desires relate to your current reality? 

How can you find peace within yourself and with those around you? ? 

How will you nurture yourself in the days that lie ahead?

If you find yourself entangled in the needs of others, press the reset button—and take some much needed time for yourself. Libra encourages us to give voice to our emotions, so you may want to carve out time to share what you’re feeling with someone who really gets you.. 

The  lesson of this moon is to acknowledge that you are your own BFF. Embrace the mantra: "If someone flakes, follow through for yourself." When plans falter and solitude calls, seize the opportunity for profound self-nurturing. In this sacred dance with Libra's energy, become your own source of love and care.