Happy Funking Earth Day

Funk it Wellness was founded to help support women who are seeking natural & earth-friendly ways to better help themselves and their period. Unfortunately, plastic tampon applicators and other single-use menstrual products are one of the main pollutants filling up our earth's landfills (and our vaginas). To help flourish our connection to mother nature even stronger we have gathered a list of ways for you to bleed green.

Some earth-friendly period products you should certainly consider:

  • Reusable period panties - Crazy enough these bad boys can hold up to around triple the blood as your average tampon, and there’s cool technology in each one to help cater to your womanly needs down there. They also can be worn with a pad or tampon for extra protection though most are already leak proof depending on the level of absorbance you buy. Simply wash in cold water (in a delicates bag if ya got one) and they are good to go! 

  • Menstrual Cups - I personally believe that cups are one of the most innovative yet scariest period products. These babies last up to 10 years and you can wear them for 12 hours before needing to empty it out. The period cup is a super convenient option that’s easy to clean and will certainly reduce waste in landfills. Though a little effort may have to go into getting used to this option, there are many helpful tips out there for you! 

  • Organic Tampons & Pads - Thank goodness someone finally decided to take the pesticides out of our products! As someone who’s borderline exclusively used tampons since my very first period, finally being able to access clean organic cotton that's safe to put in my body is a lifesaver. And obviously a million times better for your lady parts and the planet. Don't forget to make sure that if you're buying tampons check that the applicator is biodegradable!! Conveniently a lot of the companies who make the product offer delivery subscriptions so you can happily bleed from home. 

  • Reusable Pads- Similar to period panties, reusable pads are a perfect for the ladies who want to free bleed and get it all out. This is a wonderful option for those ladies looking to decrease landfill waste while still having control of your flow. Most companies offer either different flow options for their cloth pads or inserts so that you can determine your own support system down there. These pads also last for multiple years which helps save you ladies’ time, just always make sure to check that the pad is made up of organic ingredients. 

  • Don't feel bad if you were unaware that the period products you were using aren’t sustainable.  Many of these options are still new to the market and take adjusting to. Now is the time more than ever to do what is best for you, your period, and your health. Funk it wants you to join us on the journey for a cleaner and healthier period that ALL women deserve.