Healthy Easy Pancake Recipe

I have been making these pancakes at least twice a week for the last couple of months and they are perfect - healthy, no refined sugar, light, fluffy, super easy and so delicious. It's one of my favorite ways to make sure I get my Cycle Seeds in for the day, just top your pancakes with maple syrup and your FunkIt Cycle Seeds. Enjoy!


  • 2 medium ripe bananas
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 2 large eggs
  • 4-6 Tbsp gluten-free or almond flour
  • Extras: 2 Tbsp shredded coconut, 2 Tbsp rolled oats, frozen blueberries
  • Coconut oil for the pan
  • 2 Tbsp Funk It Cycle Seed Mix sprinkled on top after cooking


  1. To a large mixing bowl, add bananas and mash until only small bits remain. Then add baking powder and vanilla extract and use a fork or whisk to mash until thoroughly combined.
  2. Next add eggs, break yolks with a fork or whisk, and whisk thoroughly until well combined.
  3. Lastly, add your extras if you’re using them (I like shredded coconut, oats and frozen blueberries), and then add flour 1 Tbsp at a time until a thick but scoopable batter is achieved (thicker than your average pancake batter, but not so thick that it appears dry). If you add too much coconut flour, add a little dairy-free milk to thin.
  4. Heat a large skillet over medium heat. Once hot, add a little cooking oil to coat the pan. Then spoon in roughly ¼ cup batter and reduce heat to low. These benefit from cooking slower and lower than your average pancakes. Cover with a lid to help the center cook through.
  5. Cook for 3-4 minutes, then remove lid and flip carefully. Cook for 3-4 minutes more (lowering heat as needed if cooking too fast) or until the underside is golden brown. Transfer cooked pancakes to the preheated oven on the prepared baking sheet (or to a serving plate). Continue cooking until all batter is used up — I usually get 8 pancakes.
  6. To serve, top with desired toppings, such as nut butter, sliced bananas or fresh fruit, dairy-free yogurt, maple syrup and your FunkIt Cycle Seeds.
  7. Best when fresh, though leftovers keep covered in the refrigerator 3-4 days, or in the freezer up to 1 month. To reheat, microwaving is most effective. Otherwise, toast or bake in a 350 degree F (176 C) oven until hot.

(This recipe is adapted from Minimalist Baker’s 5 Ingredient Banana Pancake recipe)