Tampons Exposed

The FDA classifies tampons as medical devices, though this does ensure slight regulations, it for some reason doesn’t require the manufacturers to disclose their product ingredients. Since they don't want to inform you on the toxins that could be in their products, we’re here to help you out. 

Here are some harmful ingredients that may be in your tampons:

  • These can be present in tampons due to the bleaching that happens during the manufacturing process. The FDA has attempted to make the bleaching process less hazardous, but overall dioxins are still shown as being prevalent in tampons! The vagina is very absorbent with membranes that lead directly to our reproductive organs. With organic tampons, there is no bleaching process, therefore no toxins being released inside your vagina. 

  • This ingredient is known for increasing the chance of toxic shock syndrome in women. It is also present due to the bleaching process of the tampons. 

  • There’s a good chance that if you aren’t using organic tampons, then yours may contain pesticides. Similarly to dioxins, there has been progress in the decrease of pesticides within the cotton industry. But alas, they are still present. 

  • Ladies...please never put anything scented in your vagina! Fragrances are literally just mixes of chemicals and they don't even smell that good. Do not put it in your vagina!

Who knew right?! No wonder they don't want to release the ingredients out to the public. Feminine hygiene products are a multi-billion dollar industry, and the products we are buying could potentially harm us? No thanks! Until the industry is more transparent and we’re getting the truth, here are a few better alternatives: organic tampons, organic pads, and menstrual cups.
Stay informed ladies and let's keep our vaginas health, happy and chemical free!