What is the Tampon Tax?

The "tampon tax" is a sales tax on feminine hygiene and period products. Many other products at the supermarket at tax exempt because they're considered to be basic necessities, but not feminine products like tampons and pads. What?! Last time I checked, bleeding all over myself at work still isn't cool, so until free bleeding is mainstream (and even then), I'm gonna say all period products are BASIC NECESSITIES.

70% of states in the U.S. still charge sales tax on period products, meaning that US women pay an estimated $150 million a year on sales tax for these items.

The organization Period Equity and feminine product company Lola have joined forces for the Tax Free. Period. campaign to get rid of the tampon tax across the country. Learn more about their campaign and ways to get involved!

"Sales tax on menstrual products is not just inequitable and unfair; it is sex-based discrimination in violation of the equal protection clauses of the state and federal constitutions, and is therefore unconstitutional and illegal." - Tax Free. Period.


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design by Morgan McMullen via Marie Claire