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Your Guide to Period Sex

Periods are not exactly sexy - or are they?  There are some obvious reasons we may not want to get it on while also shedding our uterine lining BUT what if we do?  The stigma around periods has done a number on society and how the world views periods, add in sex, and you get the picture.  Did you know there actually may be some benefits to ditching this archaic idea that sex on your period can’t happen?

Let’s start with the possible benefits: 

  • Orgasms can relieve pain, including cramps and headaches.
  • Yup, you read that correctly - a study from the ’80s found that women’s pain tolerance thresholds increased significantly by nearly 75% during orgasm.  So the big O could be the perfect way to ease your period pains. 

  • Extra Lube may make sexual activity more comfortable. 
  • We have all been there. You want to get it on, but your body hasn’t caught up to your brain; you are not alone. Vaginal dryness is another under talked about yet common experience (fun fact sesame seeds can help you with this) aspect of our vaginas.  The good news is your period provides plenty of natural lubricant for any of your favorite activities. 

  • Sex can reduce stress and help us sleep better. 
      1. That post-sex-happy feeling can happen on your periods, too, and can be helpful if you are prone to anxiety and insomnia on your periods.  We found a  2017 study in Adelaide, Australia, found that more than 60% of adults studied reported having slept better after having sex that led to climax.

    Alright, it’s true period sex can be messy: 

    1. Try shower activities.
    2. If you don’t want to embrace the whole flow, try a menstrual cup/disc, these can control the flow while still getting your sexy time in. 
    3. Put a towel down for easy cleanup!

     So if your period is coming this V-day, you can still have sex, woohoo!!  The important part is that you feel empowered and educated to make the correct decision for you and your partner.  So whatever you choose, enjoy yourself and let the sexy vibes roll.