How to Remember to Seed Cycle Every Day

Seed cycling is a delicious daily practice that provides you with key nutrients to support your hormone health. Consistency is key when it comes to any wellness practice - wether it’s exercise, diet or meditation - and the same is true for seed cycling.

If you forget to take your seeds every day, you are not alone! Here are our favorite ways to remember to take our 2 Tablespoons of Funk It Seed Cycling mix every day:

  1. Take advantage of other routines your day. We have tons of habits that have become so ingrained in our day we don't even think about trying to do them anymore. Like your morning cup of coffee, taking your vitamins, getting dressed, journaling, or brushing your teeth. Think about things you do every day and see if you can tag Seed Cycling on to that. 
  2. Set a reminder on your phone. Have your phone chime at 10am (or whatever time works best in your schedule) and when that happens, go eat your seeds! Sometimes that external cue is all we need. 
  3. Position the bag front and center in your fridge. Our bright pink packaging is a beacon of hope! And a bright reminder to dig in for your 2 Tablespoons every day. Make sure your bag is front and center so that as you're reaching in the fridge for snack, drink or meal, you can bring the bag with you and sprinkle it on or in whatever other goodies you grabbed.
  4. Eat them with the same meal every day. A lot of Funk It babes have success by always eating their seeds with breakfast. Most of us eat breakfast at home and it's usually something simple like a smoothie, oatmeal or cereal. These are all great meals to add seeds to ensures you'll get your seeds in early.
  5. Use a habit tracker. if you love tracking things, the satisfaction of writing a check mark on the day can be enough to motivate you. Many period tracking apps even have the option to track habits. Add Seed Cycling to your habits and see if that adds another boost of motivation and self-accountability.
  6. Keep it simple. While many people like to eat their seeds with a meal, you can also just mix them in a glass of water or juice and shoot it. It takes less than 30 seconds to mix and drink, and doesn’t require you to figure out a meal to add it to.
  7. Sync cycles with your bestie. Starting a challenge with a friend or roommate adds accountability and excitement to any habit. Plus, did you know we have a bestie discount?
Let us know how you remember to take your seeds every day and which of these tips helps you!