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Sync Your Cycle 28-Day Challenge

How It Works

Download & print our cycle tracking calendar below, or use another app if you have one to track your cycle and identify which phase you’re in. 

Select your cycle phase below.

Sync your cycle with the recipes, workouts, mindfulness routines, and your Funk It seeds for each phase.

Keep notes of how you feel throughout each phase.  

At the end of the month you’ll feel more in alignment with your body and have a guide to continue living in sync.

How To Track Your Cycle

To identify which phase of your cycle you are in, count from the first day of your last period. The first day of your period is Day 01 of your cycle. Use our printable calendar to keep track of your days, or you can use another app if you have one. 

We created a calendar for you!

Download our printable calendar to stay on top of tracking your cycle. Check off a box on your calendar each day, as you move through the month, so you know what phase you're in. 

What you'll need

Seed Cycling Kit 

Select Your Cycle Phase

and start syncing